Computing Experience

Autodidact geek, data-driven empiricist, digital handy-man

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Python is the most used and useful computation skill for my daily work. I have extensive experience in data analysis, web scraping, and solving complex numerical problems. I’ve become fluent in Python’s more advanced OOP features and it’s community standards.

Overview of my main skills and libraries:

  • Complex numerical problems & Data analysis (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas)
  • Data visualization & GUI (matplotlib, Mayavi, Tkinter, Blender)
  • Web & API development (Django, Django REST Framework)
  • Web scraping (BeautifulSoup, mechanize, requests)
  • Machine learning (Google’s Scikit-Learn)


I’ve acquired professional experience in database, API, and server-side & backend development. I have also worked with frontend web development & web design by building websites, blogs, dashboards and web application with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and various web technologies.

Overview of my main skills, tools, and frameworks:

  • Web Applications & Dashboards (AngularJS, and various plotting tools)
  • Server-side (Docker, nginx, Gunicorn, Django)
  • REST API (Django, Django REST Framework)
  • Docker services (DockerCloud, DockerHub)
  • Database (MySQL, sqlite, Hadoop)


  • Version control: Experienced with version control workflows, and comfortable implementing them with git.
  • Mathematica: Used regularly to solve mathematical problems and as a fast data visualization tool.
  • : Main tool for typing professional technical reports.
  • Bash: Comfortable navigating shells for various purposes. Basic working knowledge of bash scripting.
  • Blender: An open-source professional 3D modeling and rendering application with a powerful and flexible Python API.