List of some of my programming and computing projects

  • mdsea - mdsea is a stand-alone Python molecular dynamics library equipped with a flexible simulation engine and multiple analysis tools, including integrated beautiful visualization in 1, 2, and 3 dimensions. Head over to mdsea’s repo to check out some of the examples and learn more about my project.

  • Save-a-Space - I built the engine and API that deals with the real-time analysis of parking data and occupancy prediction for the Save-a-Space project. Combining modern machine learning and web development tools, I was able to deliver reliable predictions up to a 99% confidence level. Read more…

  • - I design, develop, and maintain my personal webpage (this one!). It’s a static website powered by Jekyll’s framework and configured with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The site is hosted on GitHub pages and the source is openly available.

  • JekyllMedium - Starting from Jekyll Now, I designed this Jekyll theme as an attempt to emulate the clean look of Medium’s blog platform. Have a look at the live demo now!

  • desa·fios - Designed and developed the website and online portfolio for desa·fios, an independent jewelry artist based in Estoril, Portugal. Temporarily down!

  • BoxParti - This was my first ever programming project, developed for a “Scientific Computing Skills” module in University. It is a Python GUI application that runs simple molecular dynamics simulations. I’ve since expanded this into mdsea.